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Harmonize higher education with excellence in science and technologies, strongly integrated with human values of equality, compassion, sharing, contribute to livelihood security and sustainable societal development and to be recognized as a premium National University providing dedicated service for the social and economic growth and to develop as a "centre for excellence”.


To be a destination of choice for world class qualitative higher education and establish an institution of excellence and relevance, with a focus on creating competent professionals with sound domain of knowledge and skills and human values through knowledge pioneering scholarship, research and teaching and improve the lives of millions through growth, prosperity and sustainable physical environment.


  • » To build human resource competence in teaching, research and technology / knowledge sharing.
  • » To institutionalize appropriate changes in course curricular and delivery systems to accomodate concerns and aspirations of all stake- holders.
  • »To strengthen partnership with national and foreign institutions especially south–south cooperation for sustainable higher education and research.
  • »To promote gender equity and provide quality and relevent education through institutional network.